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18th-Apr-2012 11:58 pm - Fuck You
Title: Fuck You
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: PG-13
Warning: Vulgar
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the boys....
Summary: "Fuck you, Gaskarth. Be my boyfriend?"

"I swear to god, Zack, I hate Alex Gaskarth." Jack said as they changed into their PE attire. "Why? He's cute." Zack said, closing his locker and then looking at Jack. "He annoys me, really bad." Jack replied, studding his Adidas bag into his locker before closing it. "You guys have been fighting ever since you met each other. Why?" Zack asked. "Well... it all happens on the first day of school, lunch. Alex took my tuna sandwich, he refused to give it to me no matter how much I pleaded. Fucker." Jack said, shaking his head. "Wait, you hate him just because he ate your tune sa-" Jack cut Zack off. "I have not finished my story. He "accidentally" (Jack did the inverted commas sign with his hands) spilled coffee on my fucking pants." "Ouch. But c'mon you need to get over it. Alex is a really nice guy!" Zack said, giving a pat on his best friend's back before leaving the changing room.

"Alright guys! Pair up and look for another pair to play with, we're playing badminton! " Coach Johnson instructed. Alex paired with Rian while Zack paired with Jack. They decided to play against each other cause it's gonna be really interesting. "Who's serving?" Jack asked, holding up the shuttlecock. "Let Alex serve it." Jack said, pointing to Alex. Jack glared at Zack before tossing the shuttlecock to Alex. Alex failed to catch it and it hit his temple instead. "Ouch, what the fuck, Barakat?!" Alex exclaimed, rubbing his temple softly. "Yeah, that must hurt. Ohhhh poor wittle Lexy. Do you need mama to rub your fucking boo boo for you?" Jack said, pouting his lips. "Fuck you, Barakat." Alex said, pointing the middle finger. "Here, let me serve it." Rian said.

After a few rounds, Zack and Rian were exhausted. Not from the game, but from holding the two boys back before they got into a fist fight. "Ermmm... Me and Zack need a break. You play with Jack first, alright? Be nice." Rian said, ruffling Alex's hair. "Hey! Don't touch my hair!" Alex said, trying to put his hair back to the style he wants. "Hey, Fagkarth. When are you gonna serve that?" Jack said, smirking at the older boy. Alex was about to blow up. He threw the shuttlecock up high and used all his strength to hit it. Jack burst out of laughter when Alex failed. The shuttlecock landed in front of the older boy. Alex was furious. Jack was literally rolling on the floor laughing while Zack and Rian were holding back their laughter.

"You are such a laughter!" Jack exclaimed, wiping his tears off. "Shut the fuck up, Barakat." Alex said, throwing the racket onto the floor. Jack decided to be a dick he always is and imitated Alex. He threw the shuttlecock up and then missed it, just like what Alex did. Jack started rolling on the floor laughing again when he felt a punch hit his face. "Holy shit!" Rian exclaimed, running towards Jack who was lying on the floor, with a bleeding nose. All their other classmates surrounded them. "Gaskarth, Barakat, what are you doing?!" Coach shouted. Alex loooked at Jack and said "I-I-I..." "The shuttlecock hit my face when Alex served it. Now his fault." Jack said, covering his nose. Jack's hands were soaked in blood. "Well, go wash up Jack. Zack, help him." Zack walked up to Jack and helped him up. Rian and Alex followed them behind.

"Erm... I'll leave Jack to you. Don't punch him alright?" Zack said, throwing the damp tower to Alex. Alex nodded and caught the tower. Zack and Rian left the changing room, leaving only Alex and Jack. Alex walked nervously to the younger boy whose lying on the bench. "I-I s-so sorry..." Alex said, gently tapping the tower on Jack's nose. Jack hissed and groaned. "When the fuck are you gonna stop being such a fag?" Jack asked, holding onto Alex's hand and helped to apply a little more pressure. "Seriously, Barakat. What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Alex asked as he take his hand away, leaving the tower on the younger boy's nose. "I hate you, I never liked you, Gaskarth." Jack said, sitting up. 

"What?!" Alex exclaimed. He stood up, as he hands formed into fists. Jack stood up too, pushing the older boys shoulder. "You're a fucking pussy. I fucking hate you." Jack said, again. Alex pushed the younger boy with all his strength, causing Jack to fall on the floor. Jack kicked the back of Alex's calf, causing the older boy to fall on him.

They wrestled on the floor. Pulling each other's hair, punching each other and kicking each others' nuts (ouch). They ended in a really awkward position where Alex's lips touched Jack's lips.They quickly pulled away but Alex remained on top of Jack.

"Fuck you, Gaskarth. Be my boyfriend?" Jack asked.
A/N: I've been wanting to write a story like this for the past few days, but did not have the time to. So basically, this story is based on two of my classmates who always fight with each other. it's kinda cute though. I hope you guess liked it! Goodnight!

Oh, and I might not be able to write any fics for the next one month (i think) because of my upcoming exams. Don't worry, I'd make it up after them. I'd probably update the "Let's Start Over..." fic soon
Title: What a Shame, the Poor Groom's Bride is a Whore
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Vulgar
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters Blahblahblah. Title belongs to Panic! At The Disco's I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. 
Summary: "Alexander William Gaskarth, would you marry me?"

"Would you, Alexander William Gaskarth, take Cathy McKenzie to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked. Alex looked at the priest before looking back a Cathy. Flashbacks of the fight he had with his best friend, Jack Barakat, a few weeks ago came back. Jack had heard rumors about Cathy sleeping around with other guys when Alex and her were still together. As his best friend, Jack warned Alex about it. But in returned, Jack lost his best friend and he was called an annoying and jealous prick. Jack was supposed to be Alex's best man, however he did not turned up.

"Alex? Baby, what's wrong?" Cathy asked softly with a concerned look on her face. Alex snapped back to reality and realized that everyone was anticipating for his answer. He let out a soft sigh and looked up at Cathy. "I-" Alex was cut off by someone, that voice sounded really familiar.. Oh my god... It's.. "STOP! I object!" Jack said as he burst into the church. Everyone turned around to look at the younger boy. He mouthed an "oh shit" before running down the aisle.

"Jack, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Alex whispered softly. "Alex, don't marry her, please. I beg of you. I've told you the reason why a few weeks ago." Jack replied softly, putting his hands on Alex's shoulder and shaking him softly. Alex pushed the younger boy's hand away before saying "I love her ok. I believer her. So wouldn't do this to me.". Cathy was curious to know what the boys were talking about. She took a step closer and she could hear everything perfectly. "She's a whore, Ale-" "What?! you think I'm a whore?! Jack Bassam Barakat, are you fucking kidding me?!" Cathy shouted before running out of the church.

"Jack look what have you done! Fuck you, Barakat!" Alex said. He turned around and saw that the guests are all staring at them. Some surprised, some trying to hold back their laughter. "Erm..... I'm so sorr- Jack what the fuck are you doing?!" Alex asked. Jack got his hands on the collar of the older boy's shirt. Jack is practically dragging him out of the church. "Jack, let go of me!" Alex commanded. Jack complied as they were already out of the church. Alex's jaw dropped when he saw what he did not wished to see. Cathy was making out with someone. Alex took a step closer and saw that Cathy was making out with one of Alex's best friend, Brendon Urie.

"Cathy, what the fuck are you doing?!" Alex asked, pushing Brendon Urie. "Baby, it's not what you think! I'm so sorry. Baby, listen to me..." Cathy said, right hand on Alex's shoulder while the left is on his face. "Fine, explain. What is all this? Why the fuck are you making out with Brendon?! Why the fuck are you doing this to me?!" Alex said, tears forming in his eyes. Jack wanted to go over to pull the boy away, but he figured that that would probably make things worst. So he stood there, feeling a little relieved that Alex saw Cathy's true colors but very worried for the older boy.

Cathy could not come out with any answer. All she said was "I'm sorry.". Alex was mad and really hurt. He gave up everything for her, but this is what he got in returned?! Fuck it, he's done. "Whatever Cathy, we're done. Fuck you and you too, Urie." Alex said pointing the middle finger at both of them before loosening his tie and walking away. Jack chased after him but he kept a distance away from Alex to give him a little space.

When they reached the Gaskarth's residence, Alex started to break down. Jack felt bad, really bad. However, it's for the best of Alex. Jack out a soft sigh before walking towards the older boy and sat down beside him. He got his arms wrapped around Alex and whispered promises into Alex's ear. Finally, Alex calmed down a little. He looked up and hugged Jack. He started crying again and Jack had his hands on Alex's back, patting softly so as to calm the boy down.

After crying for about 15 mins, Alex fell asleep. His head was on Jack's lap. Jack figured that Alex would probably hurt his neck when he wakes up. So, he scooped the older boy up and carried him to his bedroom. He put Alex softly on the bed and went to the bathroom to get a wet towel. He wiped Alex's body before pulling the blanket over him. "If only you knew how much I love you... If only Alex...." Jack said softly as he looked at the older boy. He let out a sigh and kissed Alex on the forehead before going downstairs. He mouthed an "I love you" and closed Alex's bedroom door softly. 

Alex woke up after an hour of nap. it was already 6 in the evening. He's still feeling shitty as ever and the worst thing is that Jack isn't anywhere in sight. He turned to his bedside table and saw a little note. "I hope you're feeling better when you're awake. if not, I've cooked porridge for you. Please remember to reheat it. Call me after eating. Love you x." it said. Alex smiled at the note, Jack can be so gay (he is) at times. He got himself him out of bed, put on his fluffy slippers and walked down the stairs. He found a bowl of porridge on the kitchen table. There's a little note there too. "I've made pudding. It's in the refrigerator. Eat it only after you eat the porridge." it said.

Alex took about 3 minutes to to eat the porridge. He got the pudding out of the refrigerator. He took a spoonful and started gobbling it down. He ate so fast that he did not notice a small note with a ring around it until he chewed on it. Alex took the note out of his mouth and realized that a diamond ring was around the note. He took it out and placed it on the table and opened the note.

"Alex, I've known you for 5 years. I've got to admit that it's been the best 5 years of my life. I know what you've been through was tough and i really admire you for it. To be honest, I feel really bad for ruining your wedding but I'm actually really happy. You finally know her true colors and I'm so proud of you for that. Also, with her not being your wife anymore, I would like to ask you soemthing. Alexander William Gaskarth, would you marry me?"
A/N: It's messy, I know. But do you guys like it? Please tell me you doooooooo... ):
I've made up Alex's bride's name because i think using his ex girlfriends' name will make me feel like I'm interfering with his personal life. I'm weird, I get that a lot

Title: What?! You Tripped, Fell And Landed On His Dick?!
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex 
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Vulgar + smut
Disclaimer: Do not own any of the characters in this fic. Title belong to Eminem 
Summary: "I never knew me cheating on you would come back to haunt me..."

"Baby, I'm ho- JACK BASSAM BARAKAT, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" Alex shouted as he walked into Jack's bedroom to see him riding another guy.. "Holy shit!" Jack shouted as he picked his clothes up to cover his bare body (including his crotchfuck). "Who the fuck is that?! Why the fuck is he fucki-" Alex paused for a while before turning to the other guy. "Can you get the fuck out of here?" Alex asked. The other guy, Brendon, quickly put on his clothes and gave Jack a wink before walking out of the room.

"Why did you do it Jack? What did I do to deserve this? I never knew me cheating on you would come back to haunt me. We were kids back then, Jack. I thought we wiped the slate clean?! That's fucked up!" Alex said as he turn to the younger boy. Jack was holding back his tears as he mouthed many "I'm sorry"s. "Alex, I'm sorry... " Jack said as he pull the older boy in for a hug. Alex buried his face in Jack's shoulder as he cried. Jack was patting the older boy's back, calming Alex down.

Finally they pulled away, Jack cupped Alex's cheeks with his hands as he wipe the tears away with his thumb. "Look Alex, I'm really sorry for what I did. I don't mean it. What I've done was stupid and I know I don't deserve your forgiveness. If you wanna break up with me, that's fine. I understand." Jack said, giving the older boy a quick peck on his lips before walking towards the door. Suddenly, he felt Alex's hands grabbing onto his right wrist, pulling him back. 

Within a few seconds, both boys were naked and Jack was pin to the wall. "Fuck!" Jack shouted when Alex shoved his one finger into Jack's entrance. 'I'm gonna fuck you so hard, Jack." Alex whispered into the younger boy's ear as he thrusted his finger in and out of Jack. "M-more! M-more!" Jack pleaded. Alex smirked and shoved another into Jack. "Slut." Alex said. Alex quicken the pace before shoving the third finger into Jack. The younger boy is moaning like he was paid. "Moan louder!" Alex commanded. Jack obeyed but Alex wasn't satisfied. The older boy slapped Jack across the face and said "Louder cumslut. If you're not going do what I tell you to, you're not gonna get my dick.". Alex leaned in and sucked on the younger boy's collarbone. The room was filled with Jack moaning like a whore loudly and Alex's commands. "Fuck me, Alex. P-please." Jack pleaded. "Beg for it."

"Alex, I need you in me. Fuck me, please. I want you inside of me" Jack begged. Alex took his fingers out and then bluntly shoving his length into Jack. "F-Fuuuuhhh" Jack moaned. "You like that huh Jack? You like me fucking you hard and fast?" Alex asked. Jack hummed in response, throwing his head back. Alex quicken and deepen his thrusts, length brushing against Jack's prostate. Jack screamed out loud and Alex slapped the younger boy across the face again. "Shut the uck up, slut." 

Alex's thrust got sloppier and Jack knew that the older boy was close. Jack, himself, was close too. "Fuck! J-Jack, I'm close!" Alex moaned. Suddenly he took his length out of Jack and pumped himself hard as cum started to spill over Jack's face. "Touch yourself." Alex commanded as he shoved two fingers into Jack's ass. After a few more thrust, Jack came onto Alex's stomach.

"I hope this will teach you a lesson."Alex said. "if this is what I will get if I cheat on you, I wouldn't mind cheating on you everyday." Jack said. "Fuck you, Barakat!" Alex said as he stuck his middle finger to Jack. "Fuck me? Sure. I wouldn't mind round two." Jack teased.
The boys managed to put the incident behind them. Their relationship was healthy. No fights, no two-timing, nothing. It's just plain happiness. Until Alex came home with a bottle of beer in his hands. His steps were not steady. He was drunk. Alex pushed open Jack's bedroom to see him giving head to that Brendon guy again. Alex pulled the guy away and push him out of the room. He was still naked. 

Alex pushed the younger boy onto the bed and slapped him 5 times across the face. "Slut", "Whore", "Disgusting piece of shit" all the insults started coming out of Alex's mouth. Jack's mouth was bleeding. He scratched onto Alex when he was trying to break free. "Alex, let me go!" Jack pleaded, tears forming in his eyes. "Why should I?! You cheated on me, again!" Alex said, bringing his hand across Jack's face again. 

Alex undid his belt before bringing it onto Jack's bare body. "That's for cheating on me over and over again." Alex said before bringing his belt up and down again onto the younger boy's body. Alex brought 20 strokes onto Jack's body before the younger boy collapsed onto the floor. He was crying and shaking really badly. Jack could taste the blood in his mouth. Jack wasn't even close to calming down when Alex pulled him and pushed him to the bed. He put his hands onto Jack's neck and squeezed it tightly. Jack was choking. He couln't breathe. The younger boy scratched Alex a few times before the older boy could release Jack. Alex slapped Jack across the face again. Before passing out and collapsing onto the floor.

A/N: I feel bad for Jack. Boo to abusive Alex! I know it may seem a little weird, but hey you enjoyed it right? Or maybe not. Should I make this a chaptered fic? or just one shot?

Title: Let's Start Over, I'll Try To Do It Right This Time Around
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: NC-17 (Each chapter to be rated individually)
Warning: Smut
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this fanfic. Title belongs to Daughtry, It's Not Over. The only thing I own is the plot -cries-
Summary: Alex is always getting hurt by his loser ex-boyfriend, Darren. What Alex doesn't know is that his best friend in the world have a secret crush on Alex for the past 5 years... What if Alex decides to go back to his loser boyfriend after the break up and the guys decides to not give a fuck about him anymore...? What would Jack do? What would Alex do? Would Alex choose Darren or his best friends who had been there for him for the part 5 years?

"Yes, Lex. It's me."
"Wh-What's up?"
"Just calling see how are you doing."
"I'm fine, thanks. What about you?"
"Feeling good."
"Alright, erm... I got to go. Catch you with you some time time. Bye."
"Come over later."
"Why should I?"
"Because I wanna see you."
Alex, don't you dare give in to him. Don't even think about it Oh fuck it!
"Alright, I'll be there."
"Thanks Lex, see you later!"

Alex put his phone on his bedside table and turned around to look at Jack who is sleeping soundly beside him. He felt like the biggest jerk of the century and if Jack hurt himself because of Alex again, the older boy would never be able to forgive himself. He let out a loud sigh, waking the younger boy up. Jack sat up beside Alex and rubbed his eyes to keep himself awake. Alex smiled at how hot/cute Jack looks when he wakes up. "Good morning Lexy!" Jack said cheerfully. "Sun's down baby. It's already 7 in the night. You're gorgeous." Alex replied. Shit, how am I suppose to leave Jack.... "Ermmmmm... Babe, I've got to go. Mom wants me home now." Alex added. Jack pouted and nodded sadly. Alex kissed the younger boy on his lips before leaving
"Oh hey Alex, I thought you wouldn't show up." Darren said as he walked up to Alex and gave him a hug. Alex wrapped his hands tightly around Darren's waist. Alex felt his eyes getting teary as he missed this feeling, a lot. "Don't cry, Lex. Let's cuddle." Darren said as he grabbed Alex's hands, leading the both of them to the couch.

"This show is stupid! Change the channel!" Alex said as he tries to grab hold of the remote control from Darren. "No! I love this show! Since you don't like this show, why don't you go up to the bedroom and wait for me? I'll go up after this show and then we can snuggle on the bed." Darren said. Alex decides to listen to Darren and went up to the bedroom to wait for him. 

After a few minutes, Darren came into the the bedroom. "Wait, didn't you say you wanna watch the show?" Alex asked. "Yeah, I wanna see you." Darren said as he crawl onto the bed. He connected his lips to Alex's, making him let out a soft moan at the sudden contact. Alex placed his hands on Darren's chest to stop him from going any further. "Darren... Ermm... I've got a boyfriend." Alex said nervously. "Doesn't matter to me." Darren said and quickly connect their lips again before Alex could say anything.

Alex tried to break free but Darren was too strong for him. "St-Stop it! Da-Darren! No!" Alex said, trying to kick Darren away. "Goddamit! Fucking hold still!" Darren said as he grabs hold of Alex's hands and pin them on the bed post. He sat on Alex's tights so the older boy would stop kicking. With his free hand, he ripped Alex's clothes, leaving the older boy naked. Tears started forming in Alex's eyes. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard!" Darren whisper as he leans down and started to nibble on Alex's earlobe. "Don't.... Please Darren, stop!" Alex pleaded. Despite Alex's pleads, Darren did not listen. He bit hard on Alex's skull tattoo, making the older boy moan like a fucking whore. "Fucking slut." Darren said. 

"Knees." Darren commanded after pulling Alex off the bed. Alex obeyed the younger boy and quickly got on his knees. Darren quickly undo his belt and pulled down his jeans. He waved his length in front of the sobbing Alex. Alex, who seemed to get the hint, grabbed hold of Darren's length and pumped it a few times before putting it in his mouth. Tears started to stream down his face while he sucked Darren's length. "Fuck... fucking slut!" Darren said, putting his hands on Alex's head and pushing his head in and out of his length. He ignored Alex's gag reflex and continued to push his head in and out quickly. "Dar- sto- pleas-" Darren pleaded again. Darren finally pulled his length out of Alex's mouth. "Bed." Darren commanded again.

Alex crawled unsteadily onto the bed. Darren reached for his drawer and withdrew a condom and a bottle of lube. He rolled the condom on his Alex and squeezed some lube on his palms. He pumped himself a few times to spread the lube and without stretching Alex, he pushed his dick into the older boy. Alex wanted to scream so bad but he decided to against it. "Fuck! Lex, you're still as tight as ever!" Darren said as he thrusted into Alex quickly. By the way Darren is shifting Alex's body, he was trying to find the older boy's prostate. Darren smirked when he found it after hearing a whorish moan coming out of Alex's mouth. "Alex, admit it, you enjoy this!" Darren said, smirking. "Fuck Darren! Don't stop! " Alex said, feeling disgusted with himself. Darren quickened and deepened his thrusts, hitting the other boy's prostate. "The bedroom was filled with Alex's moans and Daren's "fuck"s. 

"L-Lex, I'm cl-close!" Darren said. Thrust turned sloppy, moans got louder and much more whorish and soon, both boys came on each other. Alex got out of the bed and quickly got dressed. He grabbed his phone and keys, and ran out of Darren's house. He felt so disgusted with himself. The worst thing is that he can't tell Jack about it. He stopped in the middle of the road, squatted down and covered his face with his hands as he sobs softly. Suddenly his phone rang.. It was Jack.
A/N: SORRY SORRY SORRY! Oh my god, what had I just wrote?!  I'm really sorry! I know this was badly written and it's really sloppy too but please bear with me. My head really hurts. I'm so so so so sorry! Oh, I'm pausing(idk if this is the correct word) the He Has No Idea fic. I've been working on another fic called "Lullabies" (Tell me what you guys think about it okay?). Sooooo yeah. Till next time, byeeeeee!

Title: Let's Start Over, I'll Try To Do It Right This Time Around
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: PG-13 (so far)
Warning: Vulgar
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this fanfic. Title belongs to Daughtry, It's Not Over. The only thing I own is the plot -cries-
Summary: Alex is always getting hurt by his loser ex-boyfriend, Darren. What Alex doesn't know is that his best friend in the world have a secret crush on Alex for the past 5 years... What if Alex decides to go back to his loser boyfriend after the break up and the guys decides to not give a fuck about him anymore...? What would Jack do? What would Alex do? Would Alex choose Darren or his best friends who had been there for him for the part 5 years?

"Fuck! Poop that banana out Alex! Poop it out! Don't let any of those two dickheads win!" Jack said as he watches the three boys play a game of mario Kart. "Hey!" both Zack and Rian said at the same time. "Oops, I got a little too excited, I guess! Sorry." Jack said before he mouthed, no I'm not. "That's what he said!" Alex said, still concentrating on the game. "Shut up Lex, if you don't win this, you owe me a blowjob. You know I get a little rough when it comes to you giving me a blowjob right?" Jack said teasingly. Alex looked at him with a death stare and suddenly shouted "FUCK! Oh my God Zack, you fucking killed me! See now I owe Jack a blowjob. If I die, I'm coming back to haunt you." 

Zack and Rian looked at each other for a second and Zack said, "Wait, both of you.. Don't tell me...". Alex and Jack nodded excitedly, intertwined their fingers and brought it up to show the other two boys. "Oh my god! I'm so happy for you two!" Zack said as he walked up to the couple and hugged them. As for Rian, he just stood there, with crossed arms and looking a little frustrated. Jack broke the hug from Zack and Alex, and walked up to Rian.

He turned to look at Alex who is talking to Zack happily before turning around to talk to Rian.
"Hey Ri, why do you look so sad?" Jack asked softly.
"I'm not, I'm happy for you too, I really am"
"Then why do you look so frustrated?"
"I'm scared Jack, I'm scared that Alex would hurt you. It's not that I don't trust Alex, but look at him. He obviously is still in love with Darren. I don't see why... wait, you asked him or he asked you?"
"He asked me."
"Then I don't see why must you accept him. I know you love him a lot. But do you have to risk your feelings for him?"
"Why not? I'd do anything for him just like you would do anything for Cass."
"Alright, you convinced me. I'm so happy for you. But please, if there's any trouble, feel free to come and talk to me, you know I'll be here for you."
"You'e such a mom."
"Come and give Mama a hug!" Rian said as he opens his arms wide. Jack walked him into it, wrapped his arms around the older boy's waist and placed his head on Rian's shoulder.

"Alex, are you sure about this?" Zack asked soflty.
Alex turned around and smiled as he saw Jack happily chatting with Rian before turning around to answer Zack's question.
"Yes, I think."
"Alex, what do you mean you think? You do know how much you affect Jack right?"
The older boy just nodded his head and bit his lips.
"Look, if you're not over Darren, which I'm suppose you're not, don't hurt Jack. You can be together with Jack, but please just don't hurt Jack. We don't want to see him laying on the hospital bed again right?" 
Alex shook his head as he went over to hug Zack.
"Leeeeeexy, I'm tired." Jack said as he pulled Alex's sleeve. "Go take a nap then." Alex said, still concentrating what he's doing. "No, I want to sleep with you. What are you doing anyway?" Jack asked curiously. "Writing a song..." Alex said. Jack peeked over Alex's shoulder and the elder turned around to give the younger a kiss on his lips. Jack's cheeks instantly became red. "You cheeky fellow. Let's see what you've got." Jack said as he picks up the guitar and hands it to Jack. "It kinda sucks...." Alex said, still unsure if he should play it for Jack. "Alex, I've heard you sing before. It's amazing!" Jack said, reassuring the older boy,

It took Jack 5 minutes to persuade Alex to play the song for him. Alex took the guitar and started to play the song he wrote.

He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes
Started making his way past two in the morning
He hasn't been sober for days

Leaning now into the breeze remembering Sunday
He falls to his knees, they had breakfast together
But two eggs don't last like the feeling of what he needs

"That's all I've got..."
"That's beautiful baby. You're beautiful."
"Didn't you say you're tired? Let's get you to take a nap." 
"Stay by my side ok?"

The boys got onto the bed. Alex sat up and continued to write his song while Jack snuggled beside him. 

"Now this... Now this... uhhh.. Now this hous- wait that doesn't sound right. Now this place... hmmm, that sou-" Alex stopped talking to himself when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He took out his phone and nearly dropped it when he saw the caller ID. It was Darren. Alex hesitated for a while before picking it up.

"Hi Alex, how are you?
A/N: I had this posted privately so I can make some adjustments to it. The first draft was horrible. I hope this is better. Anyways, I like keeping you guys in suspense cause it makes me happy! Enjooooooy!

Title: Let's Start Over, I'll Try To Do It Right This Time Around
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: NC-17 (so far)
Warning: Vulgar + a short you-know-what
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this fanfic. Title belongs to Daughtry, It's Not Over. The only thing I own is the plot -cries-
Summary: Alex is always getting hurt by his loser ex-boyfriend, Darren. What Alex doesn't know is that his best friend in the world have a secret crush on Alex for the past 5 years... What if Alex decides to go back to his loser boyfriend after the break up and the guys decides to not give a fuck about him anymore...? What would Jack do? What would Alex do? Would Alex choose Darren or his best friends who had been there for him for the part 5 years?


"F-fuck Alex..." Jack moaned as he threw his head back. "Keep your pretty little mouth shut before Zack and Rian hear you!" Alex said as he stuffed two fingers into Jack's mouth. Jack jerked Alex, who was giving Jack a blowjob,  off as he hollowed his cheeks and starting sucking the older boy's fingers. Alex decided to take the blowjob a little further and gave Jack a deep throat. When Jack's length hit the back of Alex's throat, chills went down the younger boy's spine and a whorish moan escaped Jack's mouth.

"F-fuck Alex! I'm cl-" Jack was cut off by a loud knock on his bedroom door. "ALEX! JACK! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!" The boys stopped whatever they are doing and quickly put on their clothes. "ALEX! JACK!" the voice outside the door shouted again. "We'll continue this again when those two cock blocks are gone alright?" Alex whispered into Jack's ear and gave the younger boy a kiss on his cheeks before opening the door. 

Rian was standing in front of Jack's bedroom door with arms crossed. He pulled Jack into his room and closed the door behind them. Jack stood there looking at Rian, trying to hold back his laughter.

"What the hell were you doing Jack?!" 
"Do you think I'm that..." Oh there goes Rian's mother mode.
"I'm old enough to know what t-"
"Don't go "I'm old enough" shit with me okay Jack? If you're old enough, you wouldn't cut yourself over Alex. If you're old enough, you wouldn't be calling me at 2am and crying over the phone because 'Alex got back with his boyfriend'. If you're old enough, you should know better that you have to get over Alex. If you're old enough, you wouldn't be having sex or make out sessions with him. He's not even your boyfriend."

Jack was cut off by a slammed on his front door. "FUCK! Alex... he was... oh fuck!" Jack said as he slapped his hands over his mouth. "Shit Rian! Alex.. he shouldn't know about this! He can't know about this...." Tears forming in Jack's eyes. Rian cupped his hands on Jack's cheeks and wiped his tears away. Rian took Jack's wrist and led him downstairs. Zack was still sitting on the couch looking shocked. 

"Zack! Where's Alex?"
"He stomped out! I tried chasing after him but he was too fast. What happened Jack?"
"Ask Rian, I'm going out to find Alex..."

With that being said, Jack put on his Nike dunks and walked out of his house. "Alex... where are you..." Jack mumbled to himself as he started pinching himself. He decided to go over to Alex's house first to see if he had went home. 

"Hey Jack, what are doing here?"
"Hi Mrs Gaskarth, is Alex home?"
"Didn't he went over to your house?"
"Er... yeah."
"What happened?"
"Oh it's nothing. Thanks Mrs Gaskarth!"

Jack turned around but before he could continue his search for the older boy. Mrs Gaskarth told him that Alex might be at the pier. It's Alex's favorite place to go whenever he's feeling down and shit. Jack drove his car to the pier and there Alex was. He walked slowly towards Alex still pinching himself. Jack stood beside Alex, who seemed to not notice the younger boy's presence. 

"Hey Alex...." Jack said softly. Alex did not reply. "Hey Alex...." The younger boy said, this time a bit louder and shook the older boy. Alex took his earpiece off and looked at Jack with a small smile. "Hi jack..." Alex said, lowering his head. "What's wrong?" Jack asked as he held onto Alex's chin and lifted it up. Alex's eyes were teary and his breathing was a little heavier. "N-nothing..." Alex replied, covering his face with his hands.

"C'mon Alex, tell me what's wrong..." 
"it's just... it's just... Do you really have a crush on me for 5 years?"
It's now or never Jack
"Erm... n-yes..."
"Fuck, why didn't you tell me earlier?"
'So what if I told you the truth? You're just gonna say that you want to be friends. I did though about it. But I really do not wish to ruin our friendship just like that. I would rather us stay as friends than to lose you thanks to a stupid con-"

Alex cut Jack off with a kiss on his lips. Alex got to admit that he likes Jack a lot but not to the extend of love. He loves Darren, he still does. However, the older boy was willing to give Jack a chance. As they pulled back, Alex got on his knees and said "Jack, will you be my boyfriend?". An astounded Jack just stood in front of the kneeling Alex. Jack doesn't know if he should be angry, happy crying or sad crying.

"Yes, I would..." Jack said, still shocked 
A/N: Yay! Another update! I apologize if this was below your expectations. But hey, on the bright side, Jack is now Alex's boyfriend. I just hope Alex wouldn't screw it up with all the dramas he would cause I hope Jack wouldn't screw it up by losing feelings for Alex and shit (I'm hinting you guys... okay, maybe not). Next update would be better, I promise! <3 

Title: No Relationships, No Emotions, Just Sex (One Shot)
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: NC-17 
Warning: Vulgar + Sex
Disclaimer: I wish I could, but I do not own any of the characters in this fic, okay maybe only Gaskarth (or not), and title belongs to "Friends With Benefits". Story line is a little similar to movie (:
Summary: "No relationship. No emotions. Just sex. Whatever happens, we stay friends." "Swear." "Swear."

"Hey, what's your name?" A skunk haired boy asked as he put his arms around the back of the chair that the blonde haired boy was sitting on. "Oh hey, my name is Alex." The blonde boy answered with a little shy smile. Jack stood up and ordered two bottles of beer for the both of them. Alex couldn't help but to check that boy out from head to toe. The older boy bit his lower lips as he set his eyes on Jack's ass. "I would tap that so bad" Alex wasn't aware that he was smiling to himself until he realized that Jack was standing in front giggling. 

"So Alex, tell me more about you"
"I'm emotionally damaged."
"Oh... What happened?"
"My boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me as I was too sensitive and shit. You?"
"Emotionally unavailable. Part of the reason is because of a break up and another part is because I'm much more committed to my work, according to what my ex said"
"Why do sex have to come with complications?" Alex asked drunkenly as he turned to Jack, who was already looking at him. "And emotions." Jack added. The two drunk boys sat lazily on Jack's couch, both feeling the urge to fuck each other. "I miss sex." Jack said as he look down to Alex's crotch, which seemed to be slightly hard. 

"Alex, you sure you don't want anything from me other than sex?" 
"Jack, you sure you don't want anything from me?"
"No relationship, no emotions, just sex. Whatever happens, we stay friends. Pinky promise." 
"Pinky promise."

Jack held onto Alex's wrist and led them both into his bedroom. As soon as Alex closed the door behind him, Jack pushed him onto the wall and started to kiss his neck. The older boy tilted his head a little to the left so the skunk haired boy could have a better access to his neck. Alex let a whorish moan when Jack bit and sucked on his skull tattoo. 

Hips grinding, hands roaming, as soon as you know, the room was filling with moans, 'fuck's, and 'oh god's. "I can make the bed rock." Jack said. "Prove it" Alex challenged

"Fuck me." Alex said into Jack's mouth with lips still connected with each other's. The younger boy pushed the blonde boy onto the bed, got above him and started undressing Alex and himself. Like a pro, Jack took a minute to get the both of them undressed, not that Alex was counting. The blonde boy pulled Jack closer to him and connected their lips together. Soon, Alex was above Jack. Alex started kissing Jack on his neck and slowly kissed down to the skunk haired boy's nipples. The blonde boy pulled away, making Jack whine. "Do you whip cream?" Alex asked. Jack gave him a grin, nodded his head and said that it's in the fridge.

The blonde came back with a bottle of whip cream on his hands. Jack couldn't help but to bit his lips when he saw the sexy naked Alex coming nearer to him. Alex gave a quick 10 seconds peck on Jack's lips and continued with what he wanted to do. He took the cap of the whip cream off and sprayed it on both of Jack's nipples. Alex licked the whip cream off the younger boy's, who seemed to be staring at him with eyes wide open, nipples. "F-fuck Alex." Jack moaned. 

"Stop being a fucking tease and blow me already!" Jack said impatiently. Alex gave him a small smirk and took Jack's length into his mouth. Alex's wet mouth around his dick made Jack moaned in pleasure. The blonde boy started playing with the younger boy's balls and swirled his tongue all around his length. "Fuck! Oh my god, that's so good!" Jack moaned. Just went Alex could go any faster or deeper, Jack pushed him away. "What's that for?" Alex asked in a slightly annoyed tone. "I'm sorry baby, at that rate you're going, I will cum before I could even fuck you. No, double orgasm doesn't feel good." Jack said as he rolled the condom around his length. 

Jack warmed Alex up with one fingers and the older boy felt nothing. So he decided to stick another finger into his finger, and still he didn't feel anything. Jack thought it might be the speed he's going, so he increased the speed. However, Alex felt nothing. "Fucking whore" Jack thought. Alex didn't feel anything until Jack stuck the third one in. That was when Alex let out a loud whorish moan when Jack hit his prostate. "Fuck me already!" Alex said impatiently. Jack aligned his dick in front of Alex's entrance and when he got the angle right, he thrusted into the younger boy's ass, hitting dead on his prostate.

"So tight." Jack said as he continued to thrust into Alex, hitting his prostate time and time again. "Harder! Harder! Oh my god Jack, faster faster! Fuuuuuuck!" Alex begged. Jack increased his speed, thrusting into Alex's ass harder and faster. As the walls and the entrance of Alex's ass became tighter, Jack knew Alex was going to cum. The younger boy was going to cum too when he felt the burn in his tummy. The thrusts became sloppy, pants became heavier, soon, Alex shouted "Jaaaaack!" and came on his tummy and a little on Jack's face. Like a domino effect, Jack came inside Alex. 

Jack came out of the bathroom and saw Alex all dressed up and ready to go. "Thanks for tonight, it was one of the best sex ever! I'll see you soon!" With that being said, Alex gave Jack a peck on his lips and walked out of the his bedroom. After 5 minutes of thinking about what happened tonight, he realized he forgot to ask for Alex's number. "Fuck!" he cursed himself.

Just went Jack wanted to off the table lamp on his beside table, he came across a little note under his phone. It said "Hi Jack, here's my number. I know you will forget to ask me for me! Thanks for tonight, again!" Jack smiled at that note and when to sleep.

When Alex got back home, he took out his phone and saw that he received one message. He couldn't help but to smile when he read the message.

"Hey Lex, Jack here. Thanks for tonight! You were amazing. Wanna hang out tomorrow? We can play video games, eat, watch movies or even get horny ;)"

A/N: WAAAAAAAHTAAAAAAAAAA! DO YOU GUYS LIKE THIS? IT TOOK ME 3 HOURS TO WRITE Y'KNOW ): I wanted to do a story line like "Bad Teacher" but I was a little stuck on that one, so I went for FWB. I know it's not that good, but I tried my best and I really really really hope y'all will like it! 

Title: He Has No idea That I'm Even Here
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: NC-17 (Each chapter to be rated individuality)
Warning: Vulgar + Blowjob + A little surprise from Jack to Alex :D
Disclaimer: As much as I want to, I do not own Alex, Jack or any of the characters in this fanfic. Title belongs to our babies, All Time Low.
Summary: Alex have a crush on Jack, Jack have a crush on Alex. Both of them are too afraid to tell each other how they feel. Awkward situations and cute Jalex moments

Chapter 6; the Date Part I

Jack moans filled up the room as Alex started kissing the younger boy's neck. Like any other dates that Alex had, it isn't complete with a hot sex. But this time, it's sex with someone he truly loves. "Aleeeeeeeeex..." Jack moaned into the older boy's ear, who is still kissing on his neck. "Hmmmm..." Alex hummed as he licked his way back to the younger boy's lips.

Hips grinding against each other's, hands running around, cock grabbing, and moans filling up the room. Jack lifted up Alex's shirt and took it off. He got onto his knees and started kissing down the older boy's happy trail. Jack stopped and look up at Alex, who's head is thrown back. 'Don't be a fucking tease." He commanded. Jack giggled and proceeded to take off Alex's jeans. "Tight jeans baby... It really brings out the shape of your sexy ass" Jack said, biting his lower lips and trying to get the tight jeans off. "Dammit Jack, I really need to train you to take my jeans off" Alex said, making the younger boy roll his eyes. After a minute or so, Jack finally manage to get Alex's jeans off. 

Jack slowly pulled the older boy's boxers and he wobbled when Alex's length sprang up in front of him. Jack took the older boy's length with his hand and stared at it, not knowing what to do. Alex helped the younger boy up on his feet, cupped his face with his hands and said to him "Baby, if you're not ready, I understand.". Jack shook his head and said that he was fine, it's just that he do not know what to do. Alex gave him a little sly grin and pushed him on the bed. 'Since you don't know what to do, why don't I do it?' Alex whispered into Jack's ear, sending chills down his spine. 

"Now look at me and see how I do it" Alex said,and Jack lifted his head up a little. Alex took the whole length into his mouth and as soon as he close his wet mouth, Jack just want let out a whorish moan, making the dick sucking Alex smirk. Jack wanted to explode right away into Alex's mouth. However, at this rate of Alex sucking and teasing him, Jack couldn't take it any longer. He put his hands at the back of the older boy's head and started pushing his head up and down quickly and deeply. What really amuse Jack was that Alex did not even have any gag reflex. With his free hand, Alex started to play Jack's balls, causing the younger boy to throw his head back. Jack took his hands away and let the older boy do the job. The deeper the older boy sucked, the harder Jack trusted into his mouth. 

"F-fuck Alex! I'm com-" Jack came inside Alex's mouth. With the cum in his mouth, Alex spat it on his dick and started pumping himself. The sight of the sweaty and naked Jack staring at him made Alex pump himself faster. Within a few minutes, Alex came into his hand and onto his bed sheets. Jack was staring at him with eyes wide open. 

After a hot shower and round two Alex blowing Jack, the couple sat on Alex's bed, having a heart to heart talk. Jack got his hands around the older boy, who was sitting in between his thighs.

"Soooooo Jacko, does this make us a couple?" Alex asked softly. Jack felt his heart beating faster and cheeks turning redder. The older boy could feel the Jack's heart beat and it made him giggle softly. "Alright, lex. Take in a deep breath and ask him to be your boyfriend" Just like Jack could read his mind, the younger boy got out of bed and got on his knees.

"I know we've only met each other for a week or so. But I really love you. I may not be perfect but I promise you I'll give you nothing but the best. So Alex, w-will you be my boyfriend?" Jack asked innocently. 

A/N: A not-so-descriptive sex/blowjob scene, I hope you guys love it! I'm not the best when it comes to writing it out but I can imagine it. Pardon me for any grammar errors or whatever, my brain is filled up with algebra. I'll make another update on the other fic soon, so stay tune! byeeeeeeeeeeee

Title: He Has No idea That I'm Even Here
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: PG-13(Each chapter to be rated individuality)
Warning: Vulgar
Disclaimer: As much as I want to, I do not own Alex, Jack or any of the characters in this fanfic. Title belongs to our babies, All Time Low.
Summary: Alex have a crush on Jack, Jack have a crush on Alex. Both of them are too afraid to tell each other how they feel. Awkward situations and cute Jalex moments

Chapter 6; The Date Part II

"Jack, will you go out with me?" Alex asked with slightly blushed cheeks.
"G-go out with you?" Jack reassured.
"Yes, go out with me. For a date." Alex said.
"Go out with you?! Who wants to go out with you?!" Jack said, laughing out loud.

Jack stopped laughing when he saw tears in Alex's eyes. The younger boy knew that he had taken the joke a little to far. Jack cupped his hands on the older boy's cheeks, wiped the tears away from Alex's eyes with his thumb, and said "of course I would silly. I was just kidding!". After hearing that, the older boy's face lit up and hugged Jack tightly. Alex got to admit, no guys had ever made him this happy before other than Jack. Sure they might only know each other for a week, but Alex could tell that Jack is the right one for him.

"I'll pick you up on Friday, at around 7:30pm. Is that okay for you?" Alex asked. Jack gave him a cute little smile and said "sure". He gave the older boy a kiss on the lips and walked off to his next class. Both Jack and Alex had been smiling for the whole morning. It's starting to creep the other two boys out. Rian decides to confront the older boy during lunch and it made him happy to find out that Alex was indeed in love with Jack and that they have a date on Friday night. 

"So, Jacko, why are you and Alex so happy huh?" 
"Erm... Alex asked me out. We have a date. Friday night."
"Oh congrats man! Where are you guys going?"
"I dont know, Alex didn't really tell me about it." 
"Oh... I think I need to warn you about something before something goes wrong."
'What is it Zack?"
"Alex had been hurt many times in his past relationships. So he gets really over-sensitive at times. Please put up with him as much as you can. And can you promise me something?"
"Sure, what is it?"
"Please don't hurt Alex. I don't wish to see him hurt again. 3 times is more than enough."
"I love Alex, I won't hurt those that I love. I promise."

"Oh hey guys! What are you guys talking about?" Alex asked as he walked up to the table with Rian where the other two boys were sitting. Jack and Zack exchanged looks with each other and said nothing at the same time. Alex gave the two boys a suspicious smile and continue to eat his food.
In a blink of an eye, it's Friday. Alex smiled to himself when he saw Jack at his locker. 

"Hey sexy, don't forget tonight." Alex whispered into Jack's ear as he walked past the younger boy and slapped his ass. Jack jumped and turned to look at Alex. Alex just gave him a devilish smile and walked to his next class. 

"Alright class, don't forget to do your English essay!" Mr William, Jack and Alex's English teacher, said. "Oh and remember to not have sex, you'll get herpes!" He added. The whole class laughed and walked out of the room. Jack and Alex were in the same English class together, and they were very happy about it. Alex couldn't stop annoying Jack by correcting his grammar and spelling mistakes. And Jack couldn't stop annoying Alex with his questions.

Alex sent Jack home and headed home to prepare for the date. Alex got it all planned. It was simple, but it's gonna be special. The older boy smiled at the little plan he planned on a piece of paper and went to play some video games before preparing for his date.

On the other hand, Jack took a nap and woke up at 6pm to prepare for the date. It took him about half an hour to take a shower (such a girl), and took the rest of the time to figure out what to wear. Should he wear something formal? or casual? So he decided to text Alex.

"Hey dickhead, casual or formal?"
"Be serious!"
"I would still say naked, but casual."

After changing and deciding for half an hour, he decides to wear his Glamour Kills logo tee with black skinny jeans and leather jacket. He took his wax and started waxing his hair in front of the mirror. Jack jumped when he felt his phone vibrating. It was a message from Alex.

"Hey, I'm just around the corner. Will be there in 3 minutes. ;)"

Jack could feel his heart racing. Many thoughts when through his mind. What if Alex doesn't like me? What if he's just using me? What if I'm not good enough for him? What if... There was a knock on his door, he knew it was Alex. When he open the door, he saw a gorgeous boy with a bouquet of flowers in his hands (corny as fuck, i know) and a beautiful smile.

"Here, I got these for you." Alex said as he handed the bouquet to Jack. Jack took it with a huge smile on his face. "Aw, you're so corny." Jack said and started giggling. "I can be even cornier if you want." Alex said as he leaned over and kissed Jack on his lips. "Oh not again." Jack said after Alex pulled away which made the older boy giggle. Alex held onto Jack's hands and intertwine their fingers together. It was a corny yet sweet move.

"So where are we going?" Jack asked as Alex was driving, fingers still intertwined.
"Dinner first, a 9:30pm movie and then my house. Sleep over tonight alright?" Alex asked.

Jack had the biggest smile a boy could ever have and nodded his head. He put his head on Alex's shoulders as the older boy drove to their first destination. 


A/N: This chapter is so corny. Omg. I kinda like it though. I had a bad writer's block but I guess everything's okay now. From this chapter onward, I'd be putting the name of the chapter beside the chapter number. Part I done, might do part II tomorrow after school! ENJOY! Oh look, dinner's read! :D

30th-Jan-2012 10:31 pm - And I'm like Fuck You (One Shot)
Title: And I'm Like Fuck You (One Shot)
Author: chaaantaaal
Pairing: Jalex
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Not so descriptive sex scene + Vulgarities
Disclaimer: Do not own any of the boys. Song title belongs to Cee Lo Green. Plot is mine though. Deep sigh...
Summary: Don't think I didn't see what you did with that whore. Fuck you Jack, fuck you. I'm gonna make you pay for this
"Oh my god! Alex you're so fucking slow, can you be any quicker?!

"Hold on a minute Jack! Give me another 5 more mins!" Alex shouted. Zack, their best friend, is holding a party tonight, and the couple is going to be late for it thanks to Alex. "ALEXANDER WILLIAM GASKARTH, IF YOU DONT COME OUT IN 10 SECONDS, I'M GONNA GO INSIDE!" Jack shouted.

Alex came out from the bathroom and Jack couldn't help but to have dirty thoughts of that boy. The older boy's hair was all messed up and was wearing a pair of red skinnies and a black basic tee, just like what Jack liked. Jack, on the other hand, was wearing a purple tee with the word 'BONER' on it and a pair of black skinnies. Just by looking at the older boy, Jack couldn't bear to be mad at him. 

"So how do I look Jacko?" Alex asked as he connect his lips to Jack's. The younger boy let out a soft moan thanks to the sudden contact. "Sexy as fuck." Jack said into Alex's mouth as their lips are still connected. The skunk haired boy let out a whine when Alex pulled away. The older boy just giggled and walk out of the room.
Alex heaved a sigh of relief when Jack pulled over at Zack's driveway. He was glad that Jack didn't crash or killed anyone. As they were on the doorstep of the Merrick's house, Jack pressed a sudden kiss on Alex's cheeks and made the older boy jumped. They rang the doorbell, the door flew open. It was Rian.

"Took you guys long enough!" Rian said. He was drunk but not too drunk to not be able to recognize the couple. "Blame it on the little princess beside me!" Jack said. Alex gave him a death stare and said "Prince. Sorry that I wanna make myself look good for my boyfriend.". After what Alex said, he stormed into the Merrick's house, leaving Jack at the doorstep.

"I think you should go after your boyfriend, he seem mad."
"Nah, Alex would cool down soon. Let's go get some fucking beer!"

The party was wild, everyone was grinding against each other and having the time of their lives. 

"Hey Lex, why are looking so lonely?" Alex recognize that voice.
"Hey Zack, Jack called me a princess." Alex said, lips forming into a little pout.
"Aw, c'mon Alex! Stop being so petty! You know he don't mean it." Zack assured.
"Look Alex, you got to stop being mad at Jack for the most trivial shit. I gotta entertain some guests, I'll catch up with you alright?"

Before Alex could reply, Zack turned around and walked away. Alex felt really lonely so decided to go look for his boyfriend. He pushed himself through the people and saw his boyfriend dancing on the dancefloor. Jack wasn't dancing alone. He was dancing with Rebecca... Alex's ex. Jack was grinding his crotch against that whore's ass. Alex felt the anger in him. Without hesitation, he walked up to jack, grabbed his wrist and pulled him away.

"Oh hey Alex wha-"
"We're going home. Don't think I didn't see what you did with that whore. Fuck you Jack, fuck you. I'm gonna make you pay for this." 

The whole car ride was just Jack trying to calm Alex down and Alex telling jack to shut the fuck up. Jack would be lying if he say that the dominating Alex doesn't turn him on. The younger boy was turned on, yet scared of what Alex might do.
Alex immediately pushed Jack to the wall once they stepped into Jack's bedroom. "How do you want me to punish you huh?" Alex asked with a little smirk as he connect their lips together. Alex immediately slid his tongue into Jack's mouth when the younger boy opened it. It made Jack moan softly at in a whorish way. Alex began to grind his hips onto Jack's, and Jack thrusted his hips to Alex's. "Mmm mmm, someone seems to be an eager beaver. So Jack, how do you want me to punish you?" Alex asked again, this time in a more teasing tone. "I-I want you in me!" Jack managed to get those words out of his mouth as he breathed and moaned heavily. "How bad do you want me in you?" Alex asked after pulling away from Jack's lips and proceed to kiss the younger boy's neck. "S-so bad." Jack moaned the words out. "Prove it and I'll fuck you so hard you will feel me for days" Alex said. 

Jack took control and pushed the older boy to the bed. As Jack pulled down Alex's jeans and boxers, the older boy's dick sprang up and Jack couldn't help but to smile at the beautiful sight. 'Stop smiling to yourself and suck my motherfucking dick, you fucking whore!' Jack obeyed the older boy and took his length into his mouth. He played with Alex's balls as he sucked the older boy's length. "F-fuck Jack." Alex moaned. Jack started to swirl his tongue around Alex's dick. Just when Alex thought nothing else couldn't drive him crazier, Jack deep throat the other boy's length. Alex couldn't take it anymore, he pushed Jack away with a little force, and turned him around. "Stay there, don't move" Alex commanded. He walked over to Jack's drawer and withdrew two pairs of handcuffs and a bottle of lube.

Jack bit his lower lips when he saw the handcuffs. Alex walked over to the bed and cuffed Jack's hands above his head on the bed frame. Alex lube length, and without any stretching, he stuck it up the younger boy's entrance. Jack gasp and groaned at the sudden contact. It hurts, but Jack got used to it.

"I'm gonna make you scream my name." Alex whispered into Jack's ear and bury his head into the younger boy's shoulder as he thrust slowly but deeply into him. "How are you gonna make me scream your name if you go this slow? Alex you're such a faggot." Jack challenged, humiliating the older boy. Alex felt anger in him after what Jack said, and thrusted deep, hard and fast into him. 

"F-fuck A-Alex!" Jack moaned. 
"Louder!" Alex shouted as he hold onto Jack's hips and try to go as fast as deep as hard as he can.
"Make me!" Jack challenged again.

Alex when the fastest, hardest and deepest he could, and the other boy couldn't help but to moan like a fucking whore. Alex became a little rough when he pulled the other boy's hair, but Jack loves it. "F-fuck, so tight!" Alex moaned as thrust into the younger boy. "Mmmhmmm..." the younger boy hummed. With one deep and hard thrust, Alex hit the younger boy's prostate.

"A-ALEEEEEEEEX!" Jack screamed.
"Told you I'm gonna make you scream my name." Alex said with a smirk, still thrusting and hitting the boy's prostate. 

Alex knew he and Jack was going to cum soon. So he thrusted a few more times and came inside the younger boy. He knew that the younger boy was going to cum soon, so he decides to not help Jack. He took out his length and changed into his clothes. 

"Ermmmmm... Alex, aren't you gonna help me?" Jack asked innocently.
"Nope, you grinded on that whore, this is your punishment." Alex said.
"Can you at least release me from this cuffs?"
"Key's on the bedside table, go  release yourself. Don't be mad at me, this is your punishment. I'd be back tomorrow. You can get back at me all you want."

Before Jack could reply, Alex gave Jack a kiss on his forehead and lips, and left Jack's bedroom. He felt his phone ringing. His phone was on his bedside table where the keys were. It was a message from Alex. He was a little mad at Alex for what he did, but after seeing the message that Alex sent him, he couldn't help but to smile.

"I don't wish to do that to you. The guilt is kicking in now. I'm going over now. So sorry Jacko. Love ya!" 

With a few minutes, he heard the door open. He knew it was Alex, and that made him smile.

A/N: I know this is crappy and stuff. it's my first NC-17 fanfic. I hope you like it. I know it lacked of description (you perverts) and stuff. Do leave me comments, insults are welcomed, so I can see what I can improve on! Thankyou! Love you guys!

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